Poems in Bloom CD



Wife. Mother. Minister. Poet. Professor. Voting Member of The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards)

Zanderland (Zan) Asante is the founder and CEO of Poet in Flight Studio and Creative Seasons Music Publishing, BMI.  She has served as a communication professor at Morgan State University and Howard University; talk show producer at WBAL radio (Baltimore) and WBZ radio (Boston); and development director & announcer at WEAA radio (MSU).  With a love for music, she is a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) and a member of BMI (Performance Rights Organization).  Zan holds a B.S. in Communication Studies from Morgan State University and a Master’s in Public Relations from Boston University.  She has been a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc. for nearly 30 years.

The Poet . . .

Zan’s writing style is comforting, inspiring, and healing and many describe her voice as velvet that soothes the soul.  Her poetic melodies are gracefully being shared throughout the world.  As a spoken word with music artist, she did not wait for record labels, rather decided to start her own music label and publishing company to market her unique gift.  Her latest CD “Poems in Bloom” is a fresh collaboration of poetry, music, Psalms, and other Scriptures to inspire, refresh, and heal.  It is a reflection of her healing journey through faith, strength, and courage.  “Poems in Bloom” was included on the first round ballot of the 59th Grammy Awards and received positive acknowledgement from Grammy Award winning musicians.  Zan says that God’s Love and Protection have given her wings.

Family . . .

As a wife, mother, and Christian minister, Zan says family is precious!  She has been married to Minister Tony for 23 years and they have two beautiful children (Kofi, 24 and Zanbria, 22).

The Minister . . .

Zan is a prophetess, intercessor and pre-marital small group leader.  She and her husband teach classes and mentor couples. “We are thankful & trusting in The Lord Jesus Christ.”

The Athlete . . .

A 4 time All-American athlete, Zan ran track for more than 10 years.  Excelling in the 100, 200, 400 meters, 4x100 & 4x400 relays she competed in high school (Fowler in Syracuse, NY) and college (Morgan State Uni.).

Testimony . . .  In Her Own Words

“At the age of 8, life changed for me as my lens went from colorful rays of childhood happiness to a view that struggled to find the sun and rainbow.  My father died of a massive heart attack at the age of 44 and less than one year later my mother was murdered (a victim of gun violence).”

“I am always thankful for the love and embrace from my big brother, grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and mentors.  Although I continued to move through my journey with those who loved me, I still did not have the skills needed to process these tragedies and realized later in life that the grieving journey is manifested in several stages.  In retrospect, I experienced all of them, including shock (denial), anger, depression (loneliness), restoration, and acceptance & hope. Poetry and its embrace of Scriptures and music continue to help me with my healing journeyRunning also served as therapy!   It represented both physical and spiritual hope and healing.  Physically, the exercise helped to boost my mood and often relieved grief.  Spiritually, I embraced God’s Word, ‘run with endurance the race set before you.’  God has truly blessed me and I thank Him for His Son Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of my Faith.”

"My message . . . Don't give up!  Stay in the race"